To be honest, nobody really puts the blame on themselves first. Nobody!  It’s always someone else’s fault that whatever happened to you or the situation. Analysing it or being given the logic and someone else stating it out to you, that’s when you truly know you were at fault. You had a card to play in all that also.

Well, I know God created all of us and He said we should love each other. You know what, I respect that and I actually abide to it. But I personally detest relationships.

Yap, I said it, I loathe it when I love someone so much. Why? Because they will eventually leave or you will leave willingly or not and you left hurting for days. So why would I love you that much though? Sad thing about it is that I do and when that time comes, I’m left wounded. Some of you can relate, maybe.



Before you start judging me and saying I’m all petrified, here’s the thing. I always feel great and amazing being in Love; Always. It’s the best feeling ever okay, after ….., never mind. Muhahaha! The thought of someone somewhere thinking about me, calling me every now and then just to hear my voice or just to find out how my day is going, that, that is really amazing trust me. And you would realise that during this period, I am ever happy, ever glowing and ever smiling.


I wouldn’t want to trade that for anything at all and I mean anything. So why do I detest it that much? Day by day the very first spark you both had start deteriorating. Why? How do people get here? I will have to ask a million whys’ today because nobody can really answer that question.(This is true, I have asked around and nobody can. Shrugs*)

We don’t know what the future holds now do we? If someone makes you happy and you make them happy why can’t it just stay that way till the end? Okay I know you would say it’s because you need to find someone better, someone meant for you out there. I call it BS because all this is just too emotionally draining. Heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak. (screams) Emotionally draining!

heart quote

Furthermore, if my one true love is meant to be my future husband, then why can’t I just not fall in love with him then when we are ready to get married? Why do I have to endure all these other people in between? Even if you say they ‘help me learn, grow and understand,’ it gets tiring sometimes. Not knowing who to give your all and who not to? Tiring.  {Told you there will be a lot of whys all up in here.}

After all the heartache and pain you heal. Yaaay! You back again on the love wagon, forgetting what happened. It never seems to be ever that serious. I think am sick and tired of all this love cycle as much as it is good is as much as it is draining and frustrating.

sick and tired

I was told I move on like real quick by one person R*. I defended myself, but then when I thought about it, it’s actually true. I do, shamelessly because as much as we loved each other, it did not last and am not about to harbour you and the pain for the rest of my life. Is it fair? Heck no it’s not and it’s not like I din’t care you know, I actually did, I always do and that’s actually one big problem, I care too much! But by me keeping you there for long, you holding me back from being happy,  getting someone else who will be so into me and vice versa.But then eventually who knows? Guess we always find that out then.


You see, this love cycle is insane and incredibly annoying. Being the sanguine that I am, everything blows out to extremes. And I mean everything.Whether you like it or not, the green-eyed monster will always be there when you love someone. Who said I want to waste my energy worrying if someone is cheating, if someone still loves me, if someone is doing this or that? I don’t.I’m sure some people would say that’s the fun in it? Excuse me, fun?

You call that exciting? I call it Emotional Drainage.

If love could everyday be the same as the first 4 or so months you guys started seeing each other, then maybe just maybe life in relationships would be heavenly. It’s because while at it you get to feel the thrill and excitement every single time you see the person you with. Imagine that feeling every day. People would be happy in the world and if only people could get content with just one person then that would be a good thing as well. Lol!


But being the humans we are, none of that is possible. With God it is actually.

Anyways, those are just my sentiments. I always don’t think I have ever gotten anyone to love me as much as I deserve to be loved. Lemme not say never because I have like 4 people who have shown me unconditional love and 2 of them are family.

So if I say I detest relationships, then why do I keep falling for the people I meet? Life and circumstances. It’s not because I want to, it’s because I have no choice (Hahaha, ati?) they are awesome, or not which makes everything sad. The experience I get when in love is amazing. It’s the hurt and pain that comes with it from the people that I hate but I learn from.


Relationships can be a pain in the behind and will hurt you whether or not you bound together by whatever forces. Because it’s either your loved one leaves, changes, betrays you, becomes distant or dies {just to mention a few}. All these lead to pain and my conclusion is where there are people, there will always be pain eventually even if it takes a million years, and for that I hate it.

It’s made people do crazy things and when I say crazy, I do not mean sing those songs, cry all day and night, not eat, BS I mean kill another human being. Then you telling me, I should do what again?  It’s the thing that builds but then largely destroys people!


But experiencing God’s Love. That’s the sort of Love I can sustain. It’s too great, too overwhelming you can’t help but feel and be in tune with it.

Years later I can say I have grown and got to understand that for me to loathe this, it’s because I never really relied on God to get an awesome person.

I have been in a happy, successful and awesome relationship for 2 years now and I glow every single day. This article was written when I was once broken, I learnt, stood and eventually found exactly what I wanted and it worked for me and as I mentioned earlier, There’s hope Always.


Ask God for whoever you want and have a success story and an emulated relationship. Let people envy you for being in a thriving relationship and when they ask, don’t be shy to tell them the secret to it’s success.


*Love is Beautiful.

*Relationships are marvellous when shared with the right person.

*God is Awesome.

*Go through the healing process and trust it.

*Become an amazing soul to someone on a daily.

*Be you. 🙂



Welcome to This thing called Life

Well, sometimes life can decide to be a grouse! Ooh, wait it is a whinge! Trying to be part of the greater cause is everyone’s dream right? Well, maybe some don’t who am I to judge. (No judging.) Anyways, its always about how I want to achieve this and that; I want to be here and there by this time. Dang it! Can it just be a smooth ride, but either way, it would be boring as hell if it were so, don’t you think?


Circumstances! We encounter these every single day. We actually do not have a choice but prove to the society and people around us that we are worth it and that we can actually do more than what is expected of us. I call that pressure, when they set it out for you that you are meant to have this and that by the time you are a certain age. What if I don’t want that and all I want is to follow my dream till I’m content?  Does it really have to be all about you other people? Why not sit and reflect on all the amazing things I have achieved so far and let it be? Appreciate and stop exerting pressure on everything.


Norms upon norms upon more norms!  If you dare break the rules, then you are roasted by every person that knows of your existence. Sometimes we have to explore new things, new beginnings in order to actually see what’s on the other side. It helps one grow for that matter. But this, nooo… people don’t actually give a damn; they just want to scold you and make you feel heinous. It’s your life either way. Has it never occurred to some that you might as well learn from your mistakes? That’s if you do not end up dead or something, Hahahahaha!

Rolling eyes

Nevertheless, it is always hard to please everybody, and that gives some people a lot to chew upon. They just can’t stand not being liked by people; Aaahh! Newsflash, they might like you but the second you foul up a little, they are all gone. So it’s actually better to know how to set boundaries between you and the people you think care about you.


QT (Quiet Time) helps. It helps you understand yourself more and also know what it is you need to change and improve. If you do this every single day, you get to appreciate yourself more and discover that all in all, people are here to come and go and learn from the best while you can. Be yourself and always pray for guidance and strength.

It’s important to know that which is important and that which can wait. Priorities should always be set in the right order. Never bend and break for someone who cannot even stretch a finger leave alone hand to save you.

Life is twisted, messed up and awesome all at the same time. How we choose to get through it, are all that matters and keep us going. Day in, day out. What difference are we making? What new things are we learning and gaining? We need to know for sure what it is that keeps us happy and stick to it.




  • Stay Happy Always.
  • Pray often.
  • Follow your dreams daily.
  • Be a better Person daily.
  • Love endlessly.
  • Discover your Passion.
  • Learn from the best.
  • Set loud Boundaries.

Everyone is Awesome. You are awesome and continue showing your awesomeness. 🙂


The Power of One Language; One Speech

This was inspired by the verse in Genesis 11.

And the LORD said, “Behold the people is one and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.” Gen 11:6

Last weekend I had a chance to hang out with the most amazing group of people from the Lapid Leaders programme (  Together we were able to discover the power of one Language; One speech. As a team of Leaders sharing one Vision, speaking one Language and moving forward together in the same direction, nothing will be restrained from us, which we have imagined to do.

I will take you through the journey that led to this discovery. Stay with me.  It all started as an idea for the Lapid Leaders Council to get together then it actually became a plan. CAMPING! Whoop! I’m excited because that means outdoors, means out of town, means a mini road trip outa Nai-ro-bi. As in it has Munini written all over it. We were invited to help facilitate the sessions an I was thrilled. I was all set, excitement, packing looking forward to the unfolding of the day in parrricularrr. (LOL)


We were meant to leave Nairobi at exactly 3.30pm.  A few hours, oops! Did I say a few? Hahahaha, I’ve lied, several hours passed then we eventually set out. African timing? WarraThooose!

Back to the journey, we got there (Lukenya) a bit late. However, there were a few awesome human souls who already went ahead of us and set out to cook. Foooood! Food is life, admit it. Well, after water. Anywaaays, food wasn’t ready yet and I was like, why??? But then, our tents were already pitched and there was music from what looked like a boom box. I was like, this camp guy is cool like that; Whaaaaat!


We ate awesome food (Thaaaanks guys) and bonfire time was magnificent. I laughed my head off for days. I was already acquainted with the people, we got to learn a whole load more about a few things and it was surprising before we realised it, it was 3 in the AM and no one had taken a picture of us round the fire. But this will do right? (Insert wink Emoji)


As everyone was like bedtime, it downed on me that this was happening again. Sleeping in a tent in the wilderness but that’s the beauty of camping, not knowing what will happen or what animal will pop up (we saw hyenas in the neighbourhood). But we had a watch dog in the premises. Haha, so much for protection huh!

In case of an emergency, wake me up. I’m here for you Campers!

Yaaawn! I slept amazing.Breakfast was a delight and we took time to have a morning devotion seated under a tree it being a Sunday and led by one and only Esther Mwaniki.

Ignore the Sufuria. I repeat ignore the Sufuria. Lol!

That was the beginning of the most exciting day yet. We had games to ‘Changamsha‘ us and burn calories thanks to Tony; followed by sessions full wisdom and knowledge acquired that day.

We had a chance as Righteous Oaks to be facilitators of a session with the Lapid Leaders and this gave us a chance to guide the council leaders in knowing how to come in and step up in times of mad chaos. Because that’s why there are leaders in the first place, to manage the chaos.


Session with Samantha Waki

It became evident as we moved on through the sessions that there is a lot to be done and more so to be implemented if at all people are to move forward as a team and this is why the role of leaders is so crucial.  We needed to get our act together as leaders so that we can step into our roles and effectively lead our teams into achieving our goals.

I will list down most of the lessons learnt that will clearly indicate what I mean when I say that there is so much power when a people speak one language.

♦  #Amateurs just have goals but #Professionals have a process to achieve those goals.To be an effective leader you have to embrace systems and structures that help you succeed.  Building in positive habits and processes such as planning ahead will help push you past the ordinary into the extraordinary.

A leader is distinguished amongst others because they are the ones who step in to manage chaos.It’s in times of chaos or disorder that is natural to whine and complain.  Leaders chose to step up and do something about it.  They walk into the chaos and bring order and direction.

Where there is no chaos, there is no leadership. If everything is already flowing smoothly then you don’t need a leader, you need a manager.  Leaders are called in to bring order where there is no order or disorder. Leaders solve problems and chart new paths and to do this takes courage and commitment.

Do not pick it up (a task) if you are not willing to go through with it till the end. You need to take up responsibility and see it through the end because that is how you learn and get to achieve success, knowing what works and what doesn’t.

There is so much power in unity and understanding. When people are working together as one, a lot of great things tend to be achieved this is why it is very crucial to have unity and a common understanding.

Give your very best in everything you do. They say give it your all and you will be surprised. This is most definitely true, working on something wholeheartedly will always produce the best results.

Be proactive always. Be dynamic and make things happen, take up responsibilities without being pushed and make them work.

Communication is key. Express new ideas, feelings, and new information that would work. It helps you understand people more and also work becomes less hectic and more organised and structured.

Delegation should be done with wisdom. Ask for wisdom from God if need be but this is really important to execute. Believe you need integrity which goes hand in hand to even make the toughest decisions.

I had the most amazing weekend. I learnt a lot and shared my perceptive. It is really encouraging and humbling to be among young leaders who are expectant, willing to learn and achieve way more that the ordinary. The drive back home was awesome because Views. Wild animals represented, there were Giraffes, Zebras, Hyenas in the neighbourhood, as in it was basically my kinda place.

There’s more good news, you can be part of the Lapid Leaders Africa and become that next generation leader who is creative and innovative, strives for excellence and activate that servant leadership.

Check them out here (

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We really had a good time. Check out our Album:




What Leadership Taught Me

Who’s your Role model? Who inspires you the most? Who encourages you a lot? These are just some of the questions we are often asked right? You must have been asked these questions either once or many times. Well, if not, then soon enough you will be asked.

But (heey!) They all have a meaning you know. Each of the people you look up to has had a role to play that made you go like, Daaaamn! I loves it, that’s my person right there hence the decision, looking up to them in particular.


Well, I am going to share my experiences with you because they taught me such valuable lessons. Hold up! Did you just ask what I mean? Yes, I was once a leader still is a leader and will be in future. Why I’m I so certain you ask? Because God said so, but for real though, I used to evade and avoid Leadership roles but they kept creeping up on me every time like- Surprise Valerie! This responsibility is yours yet again (insert hand on face emoji). I accepted.

Lesson 1: Humility

Wow! I know right, writing that word just made me go like ‘I still can’t believe it!’ (Humble pie much, nini nini.) I will be using examples of the experiences, which would make it so much easier to visualise. Let’s do this! It all started waaaay back in the 40’s when I was still a teenager busy being.… (Muhahaha) Val! Stop it! Please focus. Sorry guys, sorry I’m serious now. (Emoji)

My first ever serious role; I was entrusted an entire school to manage. Scary for days. Yes! That’s just too much responsibility. The tribe spoke (Teachers’ Counsel) and I was made school captain (Insert surprise GIF) of my former High school.

Before I could say, Excuse me what? It was a done deal. No turning back. No one consulted me to ask if I could or couldn’t do the job. They just had faith I would Ace it. I have no idea what they saw in me that gave them the slightest idea to even think of my name.


But I took up the challenge head on and did my job. I learnt that humility is a virtue I need to so much serve because I was dealing with different kinds of people around the school. Not everyone is the same you know. I learnt that it is important to put other people’s needs ahead of yours and understanding is a necessity not to be played around with.

I am so grateful I got the chance to learn this at an early stage.



Lesson 2: Power of Prayer

Prayer! This one right here was the ultimate help (still is) because whaaat! I have no idea how I could be serving (Yeah, I consider Leadership as serving not leading) without praying. We all know that Wisdom and Integrity comes from God and that is exactly what He gave me. For some of you who do not pray or believe, just try, it is not as hard 🙂 .


I never had issues in the areas I was entrusted to lead. I had to set goals, I had to have a vision of exactly what I would want to achieve, how I would want to influence and present it to God because I always want to leave a mark.


As a leader, you are always, constantly thinking about how to make sure everything works out great, how to create synergy and without vision, trust me, err-thing will be so hard. God clearly sets out a path for you to follow. You know what? It’s usually not so easy, I should actually say it is hard but remember Prayer, Yaaaas! With that, it becomes bearable.

My moments with God are usually so dramatic, Ikr! But He still listens to me and answers by providing guidance and solutions making my service easy. A leader should be prayerful.

Lesson 3: Excellence

In School, at the work place, in church you name it, Excellence is usually the utmost achievement right? Aspiring to be the best in everything is not as easy at it seems but giving something you working on your all, this right here will give you the best results yet.


Why I’m I insisting on giving it your all. Because, this right here, gave me my job. I know, its crazy. But this is a testimony I want to share: I serve in church and by this I mean, I use my confidence and public speaking skills to service host. In Mavuno Church service hosts are those people who go on stage, invite visitors to church, make announcements, talk about current issues then eventually invite the pastor, it’s so much fun (You welcome for a service).  Anyways, my current employer (Heeey Samantha Waki) had been observing me from a distance in the congregation for months (Thus She told me).

However, One lovely Sunday morning she approached me, gave me her number and scheduled for a meeting the next day Monday. Guess what? I got immediate employment after the meeting . As in, yoooo! How amazing is that? I hadn’t even graduated. As in  God rewards service and as a leader, you are a servant and while serving, you have to give it your all. Excellence is paramount, let it be part of you, let it define you. Make it inevitable.

Lesson 4: Decision Making

I do not like making decisions. This is like the hardest part, as in why can’t I have both? Why can’t we work with both? You know! But no, tough choices are usually left for the leaders to make because eventually you  are to come up with either a plan or a solution and act on them with integrity but then again, See how my Prayer comes in to help here? Because y’all know:


Well, In campus I was elected as the Vice President of the Hospitality and Tourism Association of the entire school (I did Bsc. Tourism Management). And that’s not even the juicy part yet, people voted for me in Absentia. SMH! Its crazy.  I was minding my own business, I received a phone call and was told the news and I was expected to be in a meeting with other officials the next day. (See what I meant when I told you leadership creeps up on me?) Sneaky, Sneaky much.

There were times we were required to make decisions that not everyone would love or understand but they were for the benefit of the people. We had debates, we had disagreements but by the end of the day, the decision had to be made. I now know how to use logic to make decisions.

There so many other lessons I have adapted and I will share them as well in the near future. I have a Vision I am aspiring to achieve. I have a Mission that drives me to attain my vision and above all that, I have Life goals that are to shape me daily.

All these mould me into the leader that I aspire to be. A leader that people will look up to and eventually when asked who is their role model, who inspires them? They will not hesitate in saying: Valerie M. Munini!



WHAT LEADERSHIP LESSONS HAVE YOU LEARNT ALONG THE WAY?  Please post your Answers in the comment section. 

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5 Easy Steps for a Successful Personal Retreat.

‘Whooooaaa! I need a break.’ It all starts with that sentence. Every once in a while you need a break from the busy city madness right? It usually encompasses you in a routine that might drive you crazy, well, that’s if it hasn’t done that already. I’m actually here to make this so easy for you you will be surprised.

I have had the opportunity to travel alone and I realised that there’s a difference between Personal Retreat and a Solo Trip. Most trips are usually for fun times and entertainment purposes which is awesome. Personal Retreat on the other hand is more intentional, it invites us to live differently and think more openly and the results are profoundly intuitive, uniquely restorative and personally sacred.

We need to delve into what a Personal Retreat entails right? What are some of the basic suggestions for framing the experience? What are the considerations? What are the possibilities? The outcome maybe? I’m not the one to keep you waiting for years, let’s dive into it.

  1. INTENTIONS: What is your sole purpose for this?

It goes without saying that before you even decide to actually go for a personal retreat, there are a few considerations that pushed you to this. Once you have made up your mind that it’s about time to do this, and then what you have to do is set flexible goals that are going to work for you for the days you are going to be at your place of peace.

Image result for note with set goals

You are to ensure that you are being true and real with yourself. Some you could jot down that help are Prayer time, Exercise, Reading a book that adds value, positively affirm yourself daily. Remember that you are to come back Renewed, Relaxed, Rejuvenated and Refreshed. Make this worthwhile.

  1. ORCHESTRATION: What’s your Budget, Time Span and Destination?

The biggest excuse for doing this is usually Money. ‘I’m too broke.’ Is it worth it?’ ‘Can I do it next month when I have money?’ It’s never the right time now is it? Well, all these are the hindrances that keep us from treating ourselves the right way. Did you know you could even do a Personal Retreat at home? Yes, you can. Just spare a room in your house create a serene space that would work for you and do according to your goals.

If it’s your first time, then a weekend would be a good way to start. Since you are getting in touch with yourself, your inner peace and soul searching it would really come in handy then you can do a week or more as you continue growing.

I really love the outdoors like really, really love. But that’s me. As for you, Make sure you choose a destination that you would really feel comfortable and in touch with yourself. It’s very important because then you will realize you are connecting more with your emotions and discovering so many things that you did not know.

Photo Courtesy of W.N

If you decide on where is good for you and you do not have enough money, start a savings plan that is specifically for your retreat purpose. It will keep you discipline and it will help you loads. This is usually a step that will keep you expectant and happy with yourself.

  1. REFLECT ON YOUR PAST: Define your motivations.

I read somewhere that ‘Those who do not know their history are bound to repeat it.’ Once you get to your retreat destination, settled down, after a few hours, days depending on the period of time you there, you need to go back to all the roots that are going to help you align with your plan and your purpose.

Photo Courtesy of W.N

I mentioned I love the outdoors. I get so in touch with nature it’s soothing and every time I have to Pray for guidance before I indulge with myself and it opens up my spirit and my mind that by the time I am done, I am the most happiest human yet.

You need to know what motivates you. Always write down everything that you can make reference to in future and trust me you will be very surprised by how narrowing things down keeps you so structured and focused. Have faith, believe in yourself and you will be sure to get past your previous mistakes and go into your new achievements all excited and ready for the outcome once you back.

  1. WRITE YOURSELF A LETTER FROM THE FUTURE: What do you want to achieve?

I started writing about things like Adventure, Freedom and Friendship, but never published and I’m happy about that.  I know right, did I just say that? Yes I did and it’s because I know better now, I am more focused on writing about Growing Yourself, Fulfilling Travels and Leadership.

Image result for write a letter

It is very important to pray, reflect and write down your Visions, Missions and set Life goals because you know what? Once you take that time to be true to yourself, no matter how huge your dreams are, trust me you can make it possible since the Bible says ‘There is nothing new under the Sun.’

Write to your future self empowering you and mostly challenging yourself to push harder, achieve and attain exactly what you want and how you want other people to remember you in the next 50 years.

  1. LET YOUR MIND REST:Take a Breather.

The last day of your Personal Retreat, do nothing. Yes, you need to reflect for a few minutes, congratulate yourself and let your mind rest. By doing this you will get full closure and once you go back home, start working towards your promise to yourself.

I know sometimes it gets hard to adapt once you are back because of the madness you coming back to, but try as much as you can to keep it together. Get yourself an Accountability Partner if you must. This is someone who will keep you focused and on your toes on getting to your desired destination {Remember your letter?}, yes. You can make it without feeling pressure.

N.B- Proudly Walk towards your Goal. Personal Development is Key.

Photo Courtesy of W.N

‘Solitude is Hard but it’s Worth it.’

This Place Kisames!

The day started off quite well. We were all in the van ready for take-off. It was one of those rides where people were not talking much, guess it’s because it was a chilled out morning or nobody knew everybody. But I was busy taking selfies.


Anyways, that’s beside the point, the drive away from the ever busy Nairobi town was incredibly awesome. Fresh air was what ran through our lungs as we approached the destination; Kisames Giraffe Camp.



That breath-taking view though, made me want to stay even before we did what brought us there. It was one of those, you know. And my love for scenic views is just out of this world. Ken briefed us, oh; who’s Ken now? You ask, Ken is one of the instructors as well as the Chef. Interestingly weird, I know right?


Ropes everywhere, obstacles that would test whether or not you are cut out for the tough life that we face. Lol! Well, the image speaks a thousand words and you better listen.


‘Don’t be terrified.’ That’s the advice Ken gave and the secret to making it out there alive, yes I said alive was to balance. It looks easy I know but heck, it sure isn’t. Focus and balance matter and thus to be repeated to oneself till you make it past the obstacle.

Advancing to the next level means you have to pass the previous one. The rope bridge had some shivering, Hehehe, nope, I was the only one who shivered and took the longest time to go through it. But I did it, Whoop! Whoop! and that’s all that matters you know. Always finish what you start.  It was a good start.


On the other hand, we had athletic people who were doing stunts like it’s nothing. Take Vincent for example, one of the guys we went with; he wasn’t hesitant to show us his moves how he can do the challenges without fretting and actually end up being the first one to finish each obstacle. Show off (Insert ‘Rolls eyes’ emoji).


It’s good to go through these challenges. The instructor made it clear that the obstacles should teach you how to balance your life. Truth is, though, even with ropes around balancing isn’t easy. Choose the right rope to hold on to and choose the right place to step so you can find your balance.


Well, it was fun. Some of the challenges tested trust. Do you trust the people around you enough to guide you? To actually lead you through the rope obstacles with their eyes closed. I know, mad trust right there. To catch you when you fall on your back? We actually did it. A team that helps each other stays together and wins in the end.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the next level was for the big dogs, in other words those who are so brave at heart because these were ropes hanging way above your head and you had to walk on them as you hold on to another rope. To show you how serious this was, you had to be harnessed for safety purposes just in case you decide to let go and fall. Yeah, some people are crazy like that. But seriously, this was the battle for the fittest.


Trust! People made it through it much easier than expected. That’s when you know people are determined to get what they dream of in life. Remember when I said the obstacles are meant to show how you balance your life?

I hurt myself in the process,


But i still continued to have fun and enjoy. I eventually found my balance.


Favourite and the last activity of the day was Zip Lining. Whoop! Definitely saved the best for last. Nerves were ranting but who cared, let’s do this was all that was said by everyone. Cheering you on. Giving you all the psych you need. For sure it was too enjoyable you’d want to do it again and again. But each of us just got a round of the amazing experience.


Food time! Did Ken just say food was ready? Oh yeah he sure did. Who wouldn’t brighten up to the sight of scrumptious meat after a whole day of tackling obstacles? I don’t know about you but we went right for it. Chef Ken’s special. And we dug in unapologetically.

People were tired but happy, the look in their eyes, the smiles on their faces, the jokes we shared and the laughter that echoed all around Kisames symbolized that the day was totally more than we expected it to be.

As the sun set down the hills, and as we rode back to the ever busy city, we were full of adrenaline still and the amazing experience never to be forgotten. That was one hell of an adventure. When Africa Street Safaris says Walk into Adventure, they most definitely mean it.