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The purpose for sharing this with you today is to encourage you to keep the hope alive because better days lie ahead, it might not seem like it at the moment, just remember, we are way stronger than we believe. Let us continue giving thanks in all things. Continue reading THANKFUL

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The Friendship Wagon By Val Munini

I have different milieu of friends and in as much as it is hard for me to put sobriquet on them and by that I mean, ‘best friend’ , I really enjoy what they bring to the table and I most often than not feel so challenged when I am around them because we all want to see each other grow and the best thing of all is to keep each other accountable. Continue reading The Friendship Wagon By Val Munini

Our Given Talents & Gifts

By Val Munini Each of us were created for a purpose and the fact that we are alive shows and proves that we are still here to fulfill this while we still can. God is faithful that He gave each one of us tools of the trade and what we do with them is up to us. Do you sometimes ever wonder what talents you haven’t unearthed yet? I struggled with finding out what my gifting were until one day I made a resolve to pursue all the things that I love dilligently and see what really stands out the … Continue reading Our Given Talents & Gifts


Everyday we are faced with situations that are either manageable or sometimes just plain hard. How we approach them is the Kairos moment because it directs the path to the next stop. However, I normally turn to prayer at all times in order to be in a stable state of mind as well as keep hearing what God is saying. God usually has a way to communicate what we need and what we have to do. In order to get on the right track, we ought to pray on a daily. Today I am writing this prayer and hoping to … Continue reading A PRAYER A DAY

Experience the Unexpected- Part 2. By Val Munini

That was such a surprise. I was like, whoooaaa! My graduation was due in a month and that is what was occupying most of my time and me being my sanguine self accepted the offer and started. It was mostly interacting and dealing with people and I totally felt that this is my thing because I love people and the energy I get to share with them. 
Continue reading Experience the Unexpected- Part 2. By Val Munini